Tokyo Institute of TechnologySHINSHI

Research Activities

Magnetic and ultrasonic technologies for medical devices and treatments

Maglev ventricular assist devices and maglev blood pumps

Fig. 1 Prototypes of disposable blood pumps using bearingless motor

Fig. 2 Biocompatible test of maglev pumps using animals

Fig. 3 Prototypes of maglev implantable ventricular assist devices

Medical micro sensors, micro actuators and micro generators

Fig. 4 Microfluidic devices for bio/medical analysis

Fig. 5 Micro pumps

Drug delivery systems (DDS) using ultrasonic capsule crushing

Fig. 6 Ultrasonic irradiation system

Fig. 7 Micro capsules before/after ultrasonic irradiation

Aerospace mechatronics

Ultra-fast steering mirrors for satellite observation and laser communication

Fig. 8 Fast steering mirrors

Compact and lightweight extension actuators for capturing space debris

Fig. 9 Actuators for space debris

IoTs for supporting a super smart society

Ultra-thin, ultra-small motors and actuators for mobile devices

Fig.10 Micro flat motor

Vibration power generators for micro sensors

Fig.11 Vibration type energy harvester using multi-pole magnet